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Emergency Boston MA Locksmiths 

Locks & Keys Inc. is the premier Boston MA locksmith service, offering top-notch keys, cutting-edge security solutions, and expert assistance. 

Visit our store in Woburn Village for duplicates, keychains, and more!

Our Boston MA Locksmiths Look Forward To Serving You!

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A conveniently located retail store in Woburn Village (just off Exit 54 on Route 95), Locks & Keys, Inc. is always ready to assist you. Explore our collection of awards, engraving items, and one of the largest selections of keychains in the area.
Locks & Keys Inc. - Emergency Services - Boston MA locksmith
24-hour emergency locksmith road service

Proudly Serving Massachusetts Since 1977

About Us

Trusted & Local Boston MA Locksmith Since 1977

Discover the excellence of Locks & Keys Inc. the leading local locksmith service in Boston Massachusetts. Our expertise extends to top-quality keys, advanced security solutions, and professional guidance. Whether you need duplicates, keychains, or specialized services, our store in Woburn Village is your one-stop destination. Experience peace of mind with Locks & Keys Inc. Your trusted Boston MA locksmith.


We Provide The Best Locksmith Service

At Locks & Keys, Inc. our goal is to provide reliable, professional, and affordable locksmith solutions to meet all your security needs. Whether you need to secure your home, business, or vehicle, you can trust us to deliver exceptional service and peace of mind.

Boston MA automotive locksmith


Locks & Keys, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of automotive locksmith services to address all your vehicle lock and key needs. Our skilled technicians are trained to handle various automotive locksmith tasks with precision and efficiency, ensuring that you receive top-notch service every time you choose us.
Boston MA commercial locksmith


Locks & Keys, Inc. provides a wide array of commercial locksmith services tailored to meet your business’s security requirements. Our proficient technicians are adept at executing diverse commercial locksmith tasks with accuracy and promptness, guaranteeing exceptional service each time you entrust us with your locksmith needs.
Boston MA residential locksmith


Locks & Keys, Inc. delivers an extensive selection of residential locksmith services designed to cater to your home’s security demands. Our expert technicians are well-versed in handling a variety of residential locksmith tasks with precision and efficiency, ensuring top-quality service whenever you rely on us for your locksmith needs.
Boston MA safe locksmith


Locks & Keys, Inc. specializes in providing comprehensive safe locksmith services to meet your security needs. Our highly skilled technicians are trained to handle a variety of safe-related tasks with precision and efficiency, ensuring top-notch service every time you choose us for your safe locksmith needs.


Engraving Excellence in Every Detail

Our skilled engraving professionals use precision techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure high-quality results that exceed your expectations. Whether you’re seeking personalized gifts, professional signage, or commemorative items, Locks & Keys Inc. is your trusted partner for exquisite engraving services that leave a lasting impression.

Boston MA engraving

Locks & Keys Inc. goes beyond locksmith services to offer a diverse range of engraving services tailored to meet your personal and professional needs.

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Your Security Starts Here

Whether you’re looking to enhance the security of your home, business, or vehicle, getting a quote from Locks & Keys, Inc. ensures that you receive quality service at a fair price. Reach out to us today to get started and discover why we’re the trusted choice for locksmith services in your area.

We have a partnership with AAA roadside assistance, providing eligible members with the possibility of receiving complimentary or discounted services for lockouts and key creation.

Boston MA locksmith

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Locksmiths have several techniques for opening doors without the original key. They can pick locks by manipulating the pins inside, bypass locks using methods like bump keys or shims, decode locks to create new keys, impression locks to make a key based on its internal pattern, drill locks as a last resort, or manipulate electronic locks using specialized tools. These methods are used responsibly and legally, often requiring proof of ownership or authorization before proceeding.

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At Locks & Keys Inc. we highly appreciate your feedback. Whether you have a basic question or a valuable suggestion, our team is ready 24/7 to provide assistance.

You can contact us through phone, the provided form, or email anytime. Your input is important to us, and we are dedicated to listening and offering support.